4th April 2018
' Nominations Open '
9th May 2018
' Nominations Close '
26th July 2018
' Shortlist Announced '
5th October 2018
' Awards Ceremony '

Cathie Eggett (HMRC)

Cathie Eggett

Cathie has been championing Disability awareness in PT Ops Manchester & the department for a number of years alongside her day job. She campaigns and challenges passionately to raise awareness for change within the department on these disability issues as she wants to make the workplace a fair and great place for everybody.

Cathie works very closely with the visually impaired working group. She is a Committee member and Disability Network Moderator providing regular testing support and advice to users & managers throughout HMRC. She has provided a considerable amount of end user testing for CDIO using Supernova to test if applications are suitable for our visually impaired staff.  Cathie provided significant support during a 3 month period between December & February 17. She supported 140 Jobholders & 69 Managers with specific disability related issues, and was instrumental in the creation of the Reasonable adjustment passport which is now used extensively across HMRC & Civil service wide. 

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Cathie Eggett