Co-Chair Anita Bhalla and Bernadette Thompson – Race to the Top G6/7 Network

Bernadette Thompson and Anita Bhalla Co Chairs Race to the top

The Network is highly visible in supporting members with activities receiving significant positive feedback across the board. The Network’s strategic impact is also clearly recognised by Civil Service leaders. Achievements include:

•The SCS Shadowing Scheme offers exceptional learning placements including opportunities to shadow very senior roles. Over 400 members participated in 2018 and in 2019; over 1000 have benefitted overall. The Scheme is extremely highly rated: 95% of evaluations received on shadowing completion rated the value as very useful or excellent. Some members have secured new roles as a result and many ongoing mentoring relationships have developed. 
•Hundreds of BAME G6/7 women attended Women in Leadership sessions enabling leadership discussions with women in very senior roles. The Network also held a very successful International Men’s Day event promoting BAME SCS male role models.
•The Network’s Charter for Change outlines quick wins for departmental / professional leads in supporting BAME G6/7s. Sir Richard Heaton has circulated this to all Race Champions; some departments are already adopting the measures. 
•The Network has established subgroups along professional lines. HR and finance subgroups are in place with a commercial subgroup being developed. These enable closer ties amongst peers and with professional leads and have facilitated attendance at SCS conferences. 
•Many BAME G6/7s applied to participate in the Reimagine Challenge this year. John Manzoni specifically opened-up the application process to members after we highlighted the lack of prior ethnic diversity. 
•The Network offers advisory support to departments on race and diversity including advice on: establishing shadowing and reverse mentoring schemes, D&I action planning and tackling BHD. 
•The Network focuses on encouraging the wider pipeline with a highly visible presence at key events including BAME into Leadership and delivering Let’s Talk About Race sessions with HMRC’s Embrace Network across Civil Service Live locations.