1st April 2020
' Nominations Open '
1st May 2020
' Nominations Close '
31st July 2020
' Shortlist Announced '
2nd October 2020
' Awards Ceremony '

DVLA LGBT Network Committee

DVLA LGBT Network Committee (V2)

The impact of the activities carried out over the past 12 month has reached audiences of up to 6000 people across the agency, as a result this has increased our network membership by 50% and LGBT sexual orientation declaration rates have increased by 1% since 2017. The greatest result is ‘staff not declaring’ which has decreased from 25% to 13%, indicates staff feel more comfortable at being themselves at work. We have informed local policy and procedure changes including the wording for the Paternity policy to include partner support leave in the terminology. We have raised awareness and educated over 100 people on the history of LGBT matters, gender identity and intersex and including intersex in our plans going forward. We continue to monitor the success of trans training which has shown a reduction in complaints, a positive response from staff, high completion rates and that the cost to train nearly 6,000 staff only came to £588. As a committee we have all attended Stonewall role model or allies programme to ensure we are equip and have an understanding how we can make a difference and add value in the workplace. We have received overwhelming feedback and recognition for our efforts and actions from colleagues and external sectors, here are just a few to support our submission:

“I have been inspired by the speakers today and will actively look for ways to celebrate diversity in the workplace”.

“A very well organized event. I have learnt a lot today on how to support people within the LGBT Community and I will be taking this back to the workplace”.