1st April 2019
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3rd May 2019
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31st July 2019
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4th October 2019
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Equal (1)

Equal’s impact within HSE cannot be understated. At the most basic level they save HSE considerable money and reputational damage each year. They revolutionised how the organisations thinks of disability, using Disability Confident as a vehicle for this, and have both raised general awareness of disability, across the organisation through a series of events and also made it the core of a number of organisational changes.

•Supported an evidence based approach to achieving Disability Confident
•Utilised a risk matrix to concentrate HSE & Equal efforts on ensuring that Disability Confident could be seen by staff internally as being more than a tick-box exercise
•At least 10 ET1s averted, over £1,000,000 in cost savings due to this
•Reduced negative impact on disabled staff of organisational change through a novel, and strategic use, of workplace adjustment passports
•Increased Disability Confidence through providing sessions on personal resilience, how to have difficult conversations and providing high profile role models
•Helped enable the roll-out of a new IT operating system so that staff using adapted equipment were fully engaged in the process and able to come up to speed a lot quicker than in previous years
•Worked with HSE’s Facilities Management to ensuring that a refresh of the building incorporated modern thinking on accessibility making the HSE HQ a modern place to work that is welcoming to all
•Responded quickly to concerns about the refresh of HSE’s HQ by running a series of drop-in events at short notice, addressing myths and providing reassurance
•Increased awareness of the leadership role the SCS have to play in Disability Confident by sending them “Purple Power Packs” linked to the International Day of Disabled People
•Supported the roll out of a new Attendance Management policy
•Supported the development of revamped Gender-Equality & LGBT+ networks in HSE