1st April 2020
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1st May 2020
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31st July 2020
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2nd October 2020
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LGBTI Staff Network

LGBTI Staff Network

The LGBTI Staff Network serves staff in SG and a number of agencies across multiple cities. Over the past year we have held multiple staff networking events, run in-house diversity training events across several divisions of the Scottish Government, run LGBTI awareness induction training for staff, and supported SG delegations to Pride marches. We have engaged with the SG diversity team to ensure that LGBTI awareness training is accurate, widespread and linked to the network, so that guidance about LGBTI staff wellbeing is shaped by LGBTI staff.

The network was key to ensuring that Scottish Government rewrote its trans policy and guidance, putting lived experience at the heart of its development. We have ensured that trans inclusion is embedded into the design principles shaping SG buildings and facilities.

We have produced and disseminated rainbow lanyards to allow LGBTI staff and allies to publically show their support for LGBTI rights. 
Feedback from Stonewall and internal monitoring in recent years led us to do more to specifically represent and support Bi staff and staff who identify as trans or non-binary. Network members have written articles for internal staff news for many events including Trans visibility day, Pride, LGBT history month and Bi visibility day, in which network members talk about their own experiences. The number of network members prepared to use their full names in these articles has increased over time, which we believe reflects that staff are becoming more comfortable with ‘bringing their whole selves to work’, an ideal which senior allies are key in promoting. We produced a poster campaign for LGBT history month spread across all SG buildings. 

Our yammer web discussion group means discussions can take place openly and collaboratively and gives all members the chance to share ideas, plan events and ask questions.