4th April 2018
' Nominations Open '
9th May 2018
' Nominations Close '
26th July 2018
' Shortlist Announced '
5th October 2018
' Awards Ceremony '

Security and Defence Diversity and Inclusion Network (Cross-Government)

Security and Defence Diversity & Inclusion Network (HO)

The Security and Defence Diversity and Inclusion Network was set up in by the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism in the Home Office in 2015 in response to an SDSR commitment to  "establish a security and defence diversity network, sharing best practice and addressing our shared challenges, to drive development of a more diverse and inclusive national security community". The cross-government network includes representatives from MOD, FCO, Home Office, Cabinet Office, NCA, UK Intelligence Community, and DFID. The driver behind the commitment has been a recognition that national security departments are less diverse than other parts of the civil service due to some shared blockers, which can best be addressed collectively. Since it was formed, the network has completed a number of initiatives including gathering data and using it to identify trends; agreeing specific blockers to address quickly; sharead information on areas of expertise; secured and supported D&I discussions with NSC(O) achieving senior support; and commissioning and sponsoring the Mission Critical Toolkit.

●     Used this data to identify trends and priorities

●     Agreed specific blockers to address quickly

●     Shared information on areas of expertise

●     Lobbied for, secured and supported 2 NSC(O) discussions of D and I, which secured senior support for the Network's approach and action plan

●     Commissioned and sponsored production of the Mission Critical Diversity and Inclusion toolkit (due for launch June 2017)

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Security Defence Diveristy and Inclusion