1st April 2019
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3rd May 2019
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31st July 2019
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4th October 2019
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Siobhan Sherry

Siobhan Sherry (v2)

Defra Women’s Network (lead for 1.5 years)

•Skills sharing sessions (over 40 hour long sessions organised by Siobhan and her volunteer team) reaching the entire network (over 350 people), as well as being shared with the Defra Agency’s (the Environment Agency Women’s Network reached over 2000 people).

•Siobhan was really keen on the Department and Agency’s working closely together and this was really successful. Defra network comms were sent to the Agency’s and vice versa.

International Women’s Day

•The event (which Siobhan was a volunteer with) reached 150 women and men across government. The feedback after the conference included terms such as ‘inspiring’ and the team was congratulated by the Chair of Business in the Community (Gender) on the theme of intersectionality of diversity .

Suffrage Centenary

•The video Siobhan delivered has been sent to over 700 on the newsletter distribution list, but is designed to be shared at local events so we don’t know how many will see it in the campaign but we can predict it’s likely to be in the thousands as it was shown to 150 at International Women’s Day, and many Departments are hosting their own events using the video. The video is also shown at Women into leadership conferences (800 in London, 300 each in Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, and Manchester).

•100 blogs will be published over the year, Siobhan started publishing 2 a week since Feb 2018. Shared via twitter (following already over 800 and the blogs were shared on the Civil Service twitter page (following over 229k). When the blogs were launched on twitter, a single tweet had 5,462 impressions, 170 engagements)

•Siobhan has done an amazing job seeking volunteers to blog from a variety of locations and grades.