1st April 2020
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1st May 2020
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31st July 2020
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2nd October 2020
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Suffrage Centenary Volunteer Team

The Suffrage Centenary Volunteer Team - Gender Equality Award

In a campaign which spans a year, but looking much further into the future regarding gender equality, the current reach is already exceeding our expectations:

Newsletter reach – 774

Conference attendance – 450 so far

Twitter @XgovCentenary – 241k impressions, 914 followers, 302 tweets,

Twitter @SuffrageFlag – 297k impressions, 738 followers, 140 tweets,

UK Suffrage flag locations – 37, number of people reached approx over 3k so far

Global Suffrage flag locations (by FCO and DFID) – 23, reaching people from business, government, academia (incl students), media and civil servants/diplomats. South Africa, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Venezuela, Romania, Sri Lanka, Anguilla, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Brussels, Luxembourg, New York, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Jordan, India.

Blogs published – 24

Trainers trained – 20 trainers who are asked to deliver 5 workshops across government.

As a result of these events organisations have committed to….’

Wilton Park “We are writing ‘Project 50:50’ our pledge to aim for gender parity at Wilton Park conferences. Once this has been ratified by our Board and Senior Management Team (all women), we will implement a number of strategies to ensure that we narrow the gender gap and that our discussions include perspectives from women and men.”

Environment Agency “Continue to organise joint events with our local cross-government women’s network partners. The flag relay events across the whole week have been a fantastic way to promote our local networks and create new connections and ideas for activities.”

Tideway London “Developing ideas to promote Tideway’s diversity objectives (including but not limited to gender) and learn from them for Defra”

Pensions Regulator “We are talking about how we can address the gender pay gap and looking out to our local community.”