1st April 2020
' Nominations Open '
1st May 2020
' Nominations Close '
31st July 2020
' Shortlist Announced '
2nd October 2020
' Awards Ceremony '

Tendai Trafford

Tendai Trafford - Race Award

Tendai identified the gap in inclusive recruitment, positively collaborated with others, influenced and inspired colleagues internalising true civil service values and competences and modelled these for others. He was empowered by HSE to bring his whole identity to the workplace which positively impacted on his own performance and self actualisation whilst enhancing the working environment for others from BME backgrounds.
As a result he has been more productive within his team. He has been involved in applying GCS best practice and leading on areas such as evaluation and creating a data dashboard to monitor progress within his area. He was also recruited onto the GCS Early Talent Scheme. It is hard to imagine Tendai making continual efforts to improve himself and influence the organisation for the better had his initial efforts remained unheeded.

The initiative impacted at several levels within HSE. On a strategic level it has helped more inclusive recruitment practices and foster closer collaborative working between Departments and equality networks. On an operational level, Tendai has helped to galvanise the networks and influence other talented BME colleagues to take greater initiative, move out of their comfort zone and embrace opportunities to fulfil their potential.

Specific outcomes from the initiative include:

  • Organisational change: HSE launched its first BME recruitment campaign in its history
  • Recruitment outcomes: As a result, recruitment from BME backgrounds substantially increased: 2 BME apprentices, 1 Band 3 within 12 months
  • Leadership and Management perceptions: SCS within HSE reported change in perceptions: they had not considered advertising roles such as inspector, solicitor or economist using BME images
  • Raising aspirations amongst BME workforce: 1 BME staff recruited onto early leadership Talent Scheme; and 1 BME staff promoted from B4 to B3