1st April 2019
' Nominations Open '
3rd May 2019
' Nominations Close '
31st July 2019
' Shortlist Announced '
4th October 2019
' Awards Ceremony '


Champion Difference: Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion Awards 2019

These Awards are aimed at one or more individuals, whose achievement is not part of their normal day job, but who continue to show a personal passion for diversity and inclusion. We are looking for examples of outstanding individuals or teams who have innovated, impressed and made a real difference in this area over the past twelve months; and who have championed the leadership behaviours set out in the Leadership Statement, that we expect from all employees across Civil Service grades.

Overall Criteria

Winners of each individual category will go on to form the shortlist for the Civil Service Awards Diversity Category. Judges are therefore also asked to consider whether, in addition to ensuring that each entry satisfies the specific D&I award criteria, the nomination also satisfies the following overarching Civil Service Awards criteria:

  • Promotion or demonstration of the core values and behaviours set out in the Civil Service Code
    Has the nominee acted (where relevant) with honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity?
  • Added value in addition to normal duties
    Has the nominee’s achievement gone above and beyond their normal job role?
  • Working in partnership
    Has the nominee introduced effective joint working arrangements that connect colleagues from multiple teams, departments or other internal or external organisations?
  • Innovation
    Has the nominee used innovative approaches, which have resulted in a step up from business as usual and delivered real benefits to end users?
  • Measurable benefits
    Does the nomination provide evidence that demonstrates how the project or programme is achieving tangible results?
  • Impact
    Has the nominee made an impact beyond their immediate team/business area/department?
  • Sustainability Will the initiative/practice described leave a lasting legacy and can it be replicated across government?