Frequently Asked Questions

Who organises the “Championing difference: Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion Awards?

Dods, in partnership with the Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Team, have run the awards for the past ten years to highlight and champion the importance of diversity and inclusion across government.

How do I enter?

Nominations open on April and will close in May. All nominations should be made online by completing the online form. You can enter yourself, suggest a colleague or be nominated by a fellow civil servant. All nominations must be approved by a Senior Civil Servant (SCS 1 and above), or if your organisation does not have an SCS, the most senior line manager.

Who can enter the “Championing difference: Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion Awards?

We will accept nominations from all Civil Service organisations, including Executive Agencies, Non-Departmental Public Bodies and Arms Lengths bodies, as well as from the wider public sector.

What happens with my nomination?

Experts such as Civil Service Heads of Diversity and Civil Service Employee Network Leaders will review all nominations and draw up a shortlist for each category. The shortlisting process will begin later in the year.  Our panel of expert judges will review the shortlist and select the winners in each of the Awards categories.

The winners will be announced at a prestigious ceremony in October to celebrate their achievements, share best practice, and to champion diversity and inclusion throughout government.

Do I have to tell the person I am nominating them?

We advise that you inform anyone you are nominating that you have done so, although this is at your own discretion.

How are the awards funded?

The Awards are cost neutral to the Civil Service, as all costs are covered by Dods, who run the event, through advertising and sponsorship from outside the Civil Service.

Why have some of the categories been changed?

Each year we review our categories and take the opportunity to refresh and modernise the awards to ensure they continue to reflect the priorities of the Civil Service.

How many categories are there?

In 2017 there were six Awards categories. For full details please visit the 2017 categories and shortlist page on the Awards website.

  • Employee Network Excellence Award
  • Championing Disability Inclusion Award
  • Championing Gender Equality Award
  • Championing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex (LGBTI) Inclusion Award
  • Championing Race Equality Award
  • Championing Social Mobility Award
  • Cabinet Secretary’s Inclusion Award

How do the “Championing difference: Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion Awards link to the Civil Service Awards?

Winners of the individual categories from the Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion Awards will form the shortlist for the Diversity category announced at the Civil Service Awards Ceremony, in November. For more information on the Civil Service Awards please visit the Civil Service Awards Website

Who should I contact if I have any questions about the Awards process?

Should you need any further information please go to the Awards website or contact the team at